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About Sovereign Seeds

Sovereign Seeds is a national Indigenous-led organization dedicated to the revitalization of Indigenous seed and

agricultural food sovereignty.

We envision a world where Indigenous people are living thriving, ancestrally-guided food sovereignty and food culture realities for the health of our communities, our more-than-human relatives, the climate, and the territories we belong to.


We create meaningful opportunities in cultural revitalization, entrepreneurship, and advocacy with and for Indigenous food leaders and learners. Through education offerings and leadership amplification, we strengthen Indigenous food sovereignty by supporting communities to restore, live, and steward their food cultures and systems. 


Indigenous food sovereignty is connected to decolonial, just, and sustainable futures. Indigenous people have an inherent and inherited right to unobstructed relationships with the land, ecosystems, teachings, and practices that comprise their cultural food systems. We ground our efforts in Indigenous ways of being and doing, and we apply care, consent, self-determination, relationality, accountability, and solidarity-building in our approach. We know the seeds and the food species we depend on as relatives that we have a responsibility to nurture, respect, and protect. We honour the past and current legacies of existing community food leadership, and we understand our responsibility to uplift and amplify these voices and efforts. 

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our values

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Our Action Streams

cultural education & training

Tailored education and training opportunities for Indigenous people to (re)learn and apply cultural agriculture and seed keeping teachings and practices for healing, climate response, and food sovereignty

food entrepreneurship & small agribusiness

Education and mentorship opportunities for Indigenous people to establish and grow cultural food and agribusiness endeavours with cultural economic values and community reciprocity

advocacy & amplification

Mobilizing and amplifying community voices in spaces impacting our food systems towards responsive policy priorities and multi-sector change


Opportunities to exchange knowledge, identify shared challenges and goals, and strategize on issues impacting food sovereignty


Community-led research in seed variety climate adaptation, cultural agriculture techniques, and the revitalization of food cultures and practices

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