COVID-19 Indigenous Seed Crisis Response Circle

COVID-19 is exacerbating pre-existing food insecurities and injustices in our communities. We are experiencing an increase in Indigenous seed need and an increased interest amongst our people in gardening and seed keeping. This growing interest in food and seed sovereignty is exciting, but it also means the demand for Indigenous seed is higher than our seed supply, putting our communities' already precarious seed stocks at risk. Many of our seed keepers are having to choose to gift seed for food at the risk of losing the ancestral variety. In response, Sovereign Seeds is facilitating a COVID-19 Indigenous Seed Crisis Response Circle. This project is modelled after a similar project initiated by our partner network, the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network (ISKN).


Through this project, dedicated Indigenous seed keepers in "Canada" are coming together to collaboratively grow out Indigenous seed varieties in the 2020 and 2021 growing seasons. Circle members are increasing Indigenous seed supply with the aim of creating a regional, collectively-governed seed hub. The Circle is working together to redistribute this seed to Indigenous individuals and initiatives in their communities in need of access to their Indigenous seeds for food and seed saving.